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  • Productnummer: JOU-HJ2429S
  • Advies prijs: € 464,99
  • EAN-Code: 5063129008987
  • Eenheid: 1
  • Merk: Jouef
  • Goederencode: 95030030
  • Consumenten Adviesprijs: € 464,99
  • Schaal: 1:87
  • Fabrieksnummer: HJ2429S
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Uitgebreide omschrijving
Designed by the DEA (Division de Etudes Autorails) of the SNCF, the RGP 2 (Rames à Grand Parcours bimoteur) are equipped with 2 Renault type 517 engines developing 300 HP at 1500 rpm, the same type of engine that is also found on the X 3800 and X 2400 railcars. Built in 20 copies from 1954 to 1955, the RGP2 are composed of an X 2700 power car and a XR 7700 trailer equipped with a driver's cab, the whole constituting a non-deformable unit in normal service. The RGP2 can be coupled with each other and with the RGP1. They receive an olive green and cream livery, very different from the red and cream livery of the other railcars being delivered, which will earn them the nickname of "green lizards". Fast and comfortable, the RGP2 are used on direct connections between big cities on long routes, and on some international connections to Geneva, Cerbere or Frankfurt. Less fast than the single-engine RGP1s, which benefited from progress in the fields of motorization (825 HP MGO diesel engine) and transmissions, the RGP2s slowly lost their assignment on many long-distance trains to the benefit of the RGP1s alone. The RGP2s were gradually regrouped in Bordeaux and assigned to less prestigious regional services, before being withdrawn from commercial service in 1986. Characteristics : - 5-pole motor with flywheel included in the power car. Small footprint motorization, hidden under the interior layout - axles with the original wheel profile - Interior lighting of the power car (X 2700) and the trailer (XR 7700), can be controlled in digital mode if equipped with a digital decoder - All front and rear lights (warm white LED and red LED) are switched on according to the direction of travel in analog mode, front and rear lights can be switched on independently in digital mode if equipped with a digital decoder - Short coupling mechanism at the rear of the vehicle and at both ends of the trailer - NEM 362 coupler boxes at both ends of power unit and trailer - 21-pin MTC digital interface jacks (NEM 660) installed on power unit and trailer - Digital sound versions (HJ2418S/19S/20S/29S) are equipped with "sugar cube" speakers for perfect sound quality - All parts are pre-installed. The front end of the power unit is equipped with a dummy screw coupling and brake line hoses - The end of the trailer, on the driver's cab side, can be equipped with a bellows to connect to another railcar coupling X 2700 - Length without buffers (motor + trailer): 605 mm - Minimum curve radius: 356.5 mm

Kit Inhoud
Railway - Locos Locomotives 1x Locomotive Diesel


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