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  • Productnummer: JOU-HJ2386S
  • Advies prijs: € 464,99
  • EAN-Code: 5055286664038
  • Eenheid: 1
  • Merk: Jouef
  • Goederencode: 95030030
  • Consumenten Adviesprijs: € 464,99
  • Schaal: 1:87
  • Fabrieksnummer: HJ2386S
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Uitgebreide omschrijving
Derived from the previous X 2720 and X 2770 series (RGP 1), characterized by unique diesel traction, the X 2700, also called RGP 2, was equipped with two Renault type 517-V12 engines capable of releasing 300 horsepower and could reach a top speed of 124 km/h. The 20 units commissioned by the SNCF, on a project of the Office national de la recherche ferroviaire, were built from 1954 and remained in service until the 1990s.The X 2700s featured a two-unit package, one of which was motorized, and had its trailer which was defined XR 7700, they were used for long and medium journeys, even across borders and sometimes even as far as Geneva.Highlights and features:Completely new developmentFlat and low-positioned 5-pole motor with flywheel in the motorized unit hidden underneath the interiorWheels with the original outer profileAll three versions are different tooling versions in three different liveriesWorking interior light in motorized (X 2700) and cab-control trailer unit (XR 7700), controllable when equipped with a digital decoderFront and rear lamps lit depending on direction in analogue mode (Golden white and red LED), controllable when equipped with a digital decoderClose coupler mechanisms the rear side of the motorized unit and both ends of the trailer unitNEM 362 coupler pockets on all couplersDigital MTC 21-pin socket (NEM 660) in both units (railcar and trailer)Digital versions with sound (HJ2386S/87S/88S) fitted with digital DCC sound decoder and sugar cube loudspeakers for perfect sound qualityAll separately fitted details pre-installed. Front of the railcar fitted with decorative coupler and brake hosesThe rear end of the cab control trailer can be fitted with a bellows so it can be coupled to a 2nd trailer or railcar-trailer coupleLength over buffers (railcar and trailer): 605 mmMinimum radius: 356.5 mm

Kit Inhoud
Railway - Locos Locomotives 2x Locomotive Diesel


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